Buy Private Underground Bunkers

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We all know that building an underground bunker is a costly endevour. Bills can easily hit $100k plus.


But an interesting development in the world of underground bunkers comes from a website called Think of it as a private social network for bunker owners and those prepping.


Once you pay the membership fee, you can access the members area where others have listed bunkers that they have for sale, co-habitation or planned. You can contact these people and possibly arrange a deal.


The site claims, and it seems logical that this is at a significantly reduced cost that building a bunker yourself. So, if you’re in the market for an underground bunker, it’s worth checking them out.



The Greenbrier Bunker


Many of the rich, famous and political elite of this World have access to underground bunkers.


After the nuclear holocaust, Congress knew that it needed a secure place for congressmen to go in the event of an attack. They worked with the Greenbrier reports to create an enourmous, luxury underground bunker with supplies to last 50 years!


Despite it’s size, it was constructed in complete secrecy.


The bunker was later de-classified and now forms a part of the Greenbrier resort.


So, the next time someone shuns you for building an underground bunker, ask why the government made this!?



Why Underground Bunkers Are So Important

Underground Bunker

There are many risks to society that could change how we all live our life. For example, if there was a global blackout we would have no communication, no way to preserve food and limited ways of getting around at night.


If there was a war, if you’re out in the open the chances of survival are slim.


Underground bunkers first provide the protection of the dirt on top. Meters of condensed dirt can form a powerful barrier against man-made and natural dangerous.


Furthermore, a underground bunker limits points of entry and can be disguised. The world leaders all have access to underground bunkers for a reason!


More to come on underground bunkers soon!